Over the past several decades, public awareness and concern about the environment along with the nation’s natural resources has increased. In line with these more environmentally conscious attitudes, and in response to specific environmental and legal requirements, Osmani has developed in-house expertise.

Storm water Drainage

Stormwater Drainage system of Hyderabad

Major RCC drains, Pumping stations & mains  PD Hyderabad District Action Plan  Hyderabad

New Malir Housing Project (NMHP)

RCC drains, pumping station  Malir Development Authority  Karachi

Drainage Management System - DHA City Karachi

Eco-Natural drainage management including 2 lakes  Defence Housing Authority  Karachi

DHA Phase 8

RCC drains, pumping station  Defense Housing Authority  Karachi

Water Supply system of REIP

Drainage improvement, STPs, trunk mains  Asian Development Bank & CDGR  Faisalabad