Over the past several decades, public awareness and concern about the environment along with the nation’s natural resources has increased. In line with these more environmentally conscious attitudes, and in response to specific environmental and legal requirements, Osmani has developed in-house expertise.

Bulk Water Supply

260 MGD K4 Bulk Water System to Karachi

122 kms canal based bulk water supply system  Karachi Water & Sewerage Board  Karachi – Thatta

100 MGD New Pumping Station @ Dhabeji

25 MGD x 4 pumps stations for Karachi  Karachi Water & Sewerage Board  Dhabeji

20 MGD Bulk Water supply to Hyderabad

20 MGD pumping station & pumping main  PD Hyderabad District Action Plan  Hyderabad

Special Dev. Program of Karachi Water Supply

Master Plan of Karachi Bulk Water Supply  Karachi Water & Sewerage Board  Karachi – Thatta