Osmani always ensures that the innovative solution proposed to clients are based on latest technology and are feasible & cost effective. In order to accomplish the above goals, Osmani has the talented & highly qualified team of engineers, Architects, planner & other professionals on its payroll. The firm designed and supervised number of projects of National & International in various field of engineering, Architecture, Master planning, land use planning, physical survey, GIS & Information Technology. To be success in today’s highly competitive market, any organization has to have professional competence.

This can only be achieved in the form of professionals who are properly qualified with relevant experience and a knack of working in a team.

We enjoy an engineering & planning tradition around the world which is second to none. Our record is replete and satiate with engineering & Architectural achievements and awards. Throughout our history, we have been at the forefront of technological development. The latest design technique, study methods and computer software are employed across our wide range of disciplines.

What is called for in this global environment and what osmani delivers are director-led teams of dedicated professionals with relevant knowledge and experience supported by a technological advanced infrastructure committed to providing leadership and continuous improvement .